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What is Clonk?

What is Clonk?

Clonk is a highly versatile multiplayer game
of strategy, action, skill, and endless fun!

Shape the World

Play together with your friends.

And change the world to your liking!

Codename Modem Wombat Codename Modem Wombat Codename Modem Wombat Codename Modem Wombat



Save the world!

Discover Far Worlds ClonkMars

Discover far worlds.

And take up
new challenges!

You're not alone. Masterserver Lobby Splitscreen

Don't want to play alone?

Join a server.

Host your own game.

Or play split screen on a single PC!

prefer OS Windows Windows Linux Linux Mac Mac

What is your favorite system?

Developer Developer

Fully documented development kit!

Draw new maps.

Write your own scripts.

Develop your own objects.

Or even big packages!

Build your own Clonk!

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