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A word to the community

Clonk is an exceptional game, with a community every bit as exceptional! Many of you are part of it for years by now - as are we.

By the announcement at the Clonk forum, which was a shock for many of us, the days of having an official Clonk page as meeting place will probably be over.

Here, we want to provide a new home!

To make it really comfy here, we frequently tinker about with this site and are always open to your suggestions! Your wishes and ideas are also welcome in our forum.

Clonkspot is our present to you!

- Luchs, Nachtschatten, Nachtfalter

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Community Projects

Our community does a great job to develop new content! Here's a sneak peak:

Project OpenClonk

OpenClonk is the successor of the Clonk game series, developed as open source project. The team explores completely new avenues like real time 3D models.

But no worries, at its core the game remains our good old 2D platformer!

Project Eke Online

Re-experience the tried and true game feeling of Eke. This time inside your browser with the online version!

Project Webclonk

Another variant of Clonk for the browser. The ambitious goal: The entire world of Clonk, rebuilt for the web, with even dozens of people playing together in one map!

Project Lorry

Lorry is to become the platform for Clonk add-ons - CCAN 2.0, so to say!

Project Devcom-Clonk

devcom-Clonk is an upcoming platform by developers for developers. Here you will find tutorials about everything related to scripting in Clonk. It focuses on bringing people together and giving newcomers a good start into development.


And how can you contribute?

A community lives only as long as its members are active. Many take the opportunity to play together via the master server. From that, many friendships originated already! Others like to participate actively in discussions and contribute new ideas. A part of the community primarily concentrates on developing new content. Development teams depend on small success stories and from others in the community playing the content and giving feedback about it.

These are some more projects created in recent years:

Unfortunately, the timeline wasn't translated in time. Below is the German version - translation coming soon!